iPod Classic Getting Discontinued?


Many tech sites like Wired, 9to5mac, and Ars Technica have been reporting that 2013 will be the year of the iPod Classic’s death. The iPod Classic hasn’t been updated since 2009. It’s so far Apple’s only product that still has the iconic click-wheel. One of the reasons people speculate Apple hasn’t discontinued it is because it is the only iPod left that has 160 GBs of storage. It can store thousands of songs, photos, and even movies. The iPod Classic used to have games, but they were later taken off iTunes. Since then people have said that the iPod classic will get the axe from Apple.

After years of people saying that the iPod Classic will be discontinued, will 2013 be the year or will it continue in Apple’s store shelves waiting for someone to buy one and ignore the newer products? We will have to wait until Tuesday’s event to know for sure.

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